It's Okay

by MowMowMow



"It's Okay"

MowMowMow's Second Album


released April 14, 2014

Album Credits:

Instrumentals all done by Nicky Sisco.

Vocals by
M.B. Madison: Matt Baird, Andy Cope, Carter Clark, Nicky Sisco
Underground: Nicky Sisco
1-49: Brandi Callais, Nicky Sisco
Barataria: Nicky Sisco, Brad Bartee
In My Head: Rachel Lauth
Cosmos: Nicky Sisco
Boo!: Brandon Cunningham
Her Eyes: Brandi Callais, Nicky Sisco
Skipping Stones: Brad Bartee
Champ: Nicky Sisco
Gone: Brandon Cunningham

Thanks to:
Brad Bartee
Waffle Bordelon
Caige Hirsch
Shannon Arsenault
Tony Sisco

Dedicated to
Champ Sisco
I miss that damn dog.



all rights reserved


MowMowMow New Orleans, Louisiana

cry me a river

MowMowMow is a synth pop songwriter and producer from New Orleans.

"if it aint kawaii i'm saying goodbye!!"

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Track Name: M.B. Madison
The most likely times for you to get into a fight
is when you're fucked up
doing something stupid
because you're fucked up
you need to learn how to fight fucked up
its really important

words of advice dude
Confucius says learn to fight fucked up

i'm serious
its way more likely to get into a fight fucked up
then when you're not fucked up
for some reason
but for some reason
all martial arts people
teach you to train not fucked up
i think that's fucked up
Track Name: Underground
something's going underground
Track Name: I-49

I'll wake up when you cry
And the war is over in my mind
Surrender surrender for me

I'm all soaked up in all this blood
That i've shed during the making of
This constant hollow shame

We'll crawl in bed i'll take the blame
You'll say my name and slice my veins
Till i can feel no more

The world will keep on turning but i'll be unaware
Of all the skies burning but i won't be scared
Cause i am leaving here
Track Name: Barataria
I cant speak oh i cant say
why im not coming out today
if you keep looking at me that way
i think my mind might start to stray
cause im running out of pills
sleeping alone gives me the chills
and if youre running out of time
i'll take these days and call you mine

that'd be great
and if you dont go home

who's to say i know the way
forget me and thats ok
you love it when i leave
or is that just what im seeing
believe me its just great
the drugs are here to stay
no matter whats forward today
ill always find my pain
looking for a train of thought
loosing life the way its fought
for the first its you not me
while im drowning in the sea
in the sea
in the sea
Track Name: In My Head
lyrics yo

don’t listen to them
you don’t have to be afraid
over what’s in your head, inside of your brain
who are they to tell you
you’re not all there
they say you’re mad and you’re slow
but you’re so much more clever and they’ll never know
don’t ever think you need to change
just cuz someone says you’re strange
maybe it really is all just pretend
but really, who knows
what’s fake and what’s real in the end?

what’s real in the end…?

are we real in the end……….?
Track Name: Cosmos

hello again
you seemed be sad
you havent said a word
you havent said a word

goodbye my friends
im going to space
im leaving this place
im going away

hello again
i thought that was the end
but instead its true
i cant get a way from you


im going away
im leaving today
Track Name: B00!

Her voice. Her voice so cold it hurts

While I'm while I'm a ghost to her.

The specter of the one she knew

But it's my mind who's haunted by you.
Track Name: Her Eyes
Her eyes will stay true to you
But her heart has other plans

Her eyes will cut into you
But her heart is in another land

My eyes won't give in to you
Cause my heart is safe in better hands
Protected by a caring man

Her eyes have seen straight through to you
Track Name: Skipping Stones
I can collapse
on the tile floor
with my brain splashing like you were skipping stones
laughing laughing laughing like its not a joke

oh yeah
oh yeah

and im living in the shed of the woods
memories beckoning at every thought in sight
the sun king comes when the moon decides to cry
oh my god would you look into my light

oh yeah
oh yeah
like a skipping stone
breaking bones
skipping stones
breaking bones
oh yeah
oh yeah
Track Name: Champ
I walked you home
walked back alone
dream of a place
borrow your taste

my dogs a lie
he asks me for time
i hand him a five
hes just in my mind

i cant live
with you in my mind
leave me
Track Name: Gone
when its all said and done
you'll already be gone
let bygones be bygones
and pythons be pythons
let bygones be bygones
and pythons be pythons
when its all said and done
you'll already be gone
Track Name: 16 Months
Doo doo doo doo da da