by MowMowMow



this EP was going to be made in 2 days, but then i started to like it.


released January 18, 2015

i did everything 'cept the vocals on the last song
thx brad



all rights reserved


MowMowMow New Orleans, Louisiana

cry me a river

MowMowMow is a synth pop songwriter and producer from New Orleans.

"if it aint kawaii i'm saying goodbye!!"

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Track Name: Give Her Time
she never wanted to let him go
their hands were colder with the snow
i saw him kiss her on the nose
she sees another world with her eyes closed

another trail another hill
another time for things to go and spill
another day another dime
another memory buried in just time

she never knew when to cry
she told her friends she wanted to die
something thats buried in disguise
you can see your future in her eyes

don’t cross the line
don’t cross the line
just give her time
don’t cross the line

she is leaving
i know it’s hard to say
it’s hard to say goodbye
you can see your future in her eyes
Track Name: All I Can See
when you all i can see
will you be in my dreams
will you be in my dreams

when you’re all i can hear
when i’m covered in fear
will you be in my dreams

i want
to hold
you tight
say no
say no
to the night

it’s all
in my head
i said
no more
no more

i said
no more
no more
i said
no more
no more
Track Name: I'm Sorry
they lean towards each other
maybe a kiss on the lips

she takes breath
she takes a breath

they know eachothers weaknesses
they know each others skin
they how this started
they know how it will end

she takes her hand
she walks along side
the rivers cold
the wind takes them by surprise

the suns not out anymore
it’s too cold to answer the door

she says
she says
i’m sorry

she lied to her face
she lied to her face
she lied too
Track Name: Stranded at Sea
goodbye to the sea’s
they already left me
i’m stranded on the beach
i’m stranded please save me

i sent a bottle with your name
my coordinates and i explained
but the tide just took it back to shore with me

the gulls they tell me i’m alone
when the sun is drying me to the bone
and i want to tell you all the things
that i think when your name rings

i’m lonely
you’re lovely
i’m lonely

i’m lonely
you’re lovely
without me
you’re so much prettier